Sunday, March 04, 2012


I got myself a confinement lady to help out during the first month. As u already know, baby Lucas came early and in the chaos luckily we got a replacement pretty quickly. The confinement month is meant for me to rest while the confinement lady tends to my needs and the baby' s.

It really seems like a super duper heavy job for one woman alone. In the mornings she cooks brunch for me, showers the baby, and make the yucky herbal bath for me. We usually then take Lucas for a sun tan before 10am. Thereafter she takes care of the baby in terms of feeding and cleaning his poo and urine. That is until way in the evening were she then makes dinner ala confinement cuisine. After dinner she then carries on to feed Lucas in the wee hour of the morning. Tough job, and may I just say these one are over 50 plus.

Well, I now know it is truly an impossible task (except of my mom who is as efficient as a bee). So far I have been trying to do the baby feeds throughout the day, clearing trash, cleaning the house, whatever i could. I try to eat earlier too so she can get her tasks one faster.

Because there isn't any entertainment at home she tends to nag and repeat herself. Sigh. I don't quite believe in all te confinement dos and donts and quite frankly have broken all the rules so far.

The only thing I love during this period is the time spent with Lucas. I am counting the days till my mom return though. Would love an extra pair of helping hands.

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