Saturday, July 07, 2012

Of husbands and fathers

Interestingly, my mom asked what I thought of having kids before marriage.. She was in support of it only because she has seen too many husbands who stray or just don't care about raising a child together..where the wife always assume that role.... Well I count my blessings for a wonderful husband and who is now a great father to Lucas. Sure I grumble and nag at him, honestly it is only for the sake of Lucas, Lthough my mom always reminds me Lucas is also Andrew's son so of course he wants the best for him too. Ok la, maybe it is my OCD and I am too fussy. But I guess I don't praise him enough for trying to do feeds, to carry him, to entertain him... And really he has not gone out with his friends for a long time, for trying his best to finish work early although he hardly could, for chauffeuring us up and down carrying all that stuff, for buying my meals over the weekend... For his patience when Lucas is testing mine, for trying to help middle of the night when I am trying to pacify Lucas, for sleeping on the floor so I can watch over Lucas at night.... This is just another milestone... As our Bubu grows up, we will face many more, I am just glad I have a great man and father beside me. Happy Father's Day, dear!

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