Saturday, July 07, 2012


We don't really know what is being unselfish until you have your own family. Before I had Lucas, I lived for myself. Partially for Andrew but mostly for myself really. After one gets married, you tend to think in a unit... Me and Andrew we form a little organization. But after the arrival of Lucas, he is our empire...I have lost track of expenses... And sometimes admittedly I leave my work aside and head home sharp at 4 pm these days. I don't even care my fingers are sometimes smeared with his shit... That my back hurts because if his weight while carrying him. That he pees AT me sometimes. Unselfish..but then I try not to lose myself. Once a month I drag myself away from Lucas and get out and spend time with friends. A colleague of mine said you gotta go out eventually... Just to get your sanity back. And it helped really.

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