Saturday, May 13, 2017

Double appreciation

Thursday has been a day of gratefulness. I was really very tired and the thought of going off site for a dispute meeting was not helping at all. Just few days ago on a Sunday I was told I need to cover for a project temporarily due to resource constraints. I was on a double shift almost because stakeholders were demanding. Honestly the thought of going for a holiday scares me because my work would be piling up. Was trying my very best to clear as much backlog as possible.

Then came the call from the MD secretary - the MD wants to see me and the shocked me was stunned to receive an appreciation gift from him for a crisis that happened 2 weeks ago. The humble man said that he knows I am very busy and would just like to take a moment to give me a pandora bracelet. My boss was happy of course she knew I was not the most feminine person around hahah. But it's the thought that counts. So unexpected , I think he has a flair of being unassuming.

On the same day my boss gave me a recognition award for some issues I have managed. She knows I am about to go for a personal trip that would costs me a bomb.

I am indeed blessed and feel truly appreciated. I have already been a silent reformer , an ant worker even so is often overlooked.  But the last few years has been great. Praying for a peaceful working days ahead though! Adios

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