Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My New Camera

Finally got a new camera. Truth is I have always SHARED a camera. I've never owned one. So i bought this Panasonic Lumix FX36 for RM1099. And I really hate shopping so, after a series of proposals from the salesperson, I just ask him, just tell me which one should I get? He couldnt answer me and just said, it really depends....it really depends....Eff, I dont really want to hear that.

Finally i did some eliminations on my own, and got this one. The one they suggested was FX38 which is more expensive, and i asked him for an alternative that is cheaper with almost similar features. So VOILA!

The salesperson in HSL (The Curve) paling best. Asked him what are the perks that comes with this camera, and he went...."errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, i dont know". I asked him for the difference in specifications between FX36 and FC38 and he went "come to my pc and see for yourself."

Of coz, i finally bought it from Harvey Norman as a reward for all the saliva they wasted explaining things to me.


endroo G said...

i just cant wait to take pictures.

I'll make you discover the camwhore-side of you when we go for trip next week. :)

philters said...

this is a god camera which will prove to be surprisingly good in low light.

well chosen!

and yes, it would be interesting if andrew could actually bring out the camwhoring side of you. hehehe!

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