Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blast from the Past

This was where I used to work in ny. it's at the pavonia station in new jersey. Although I used to work in the much older branch at montgomery. It was the montgomery branch that I met some of the special people in my life.

I was 23 and just left a lousy job in annapolis and was heading back to ny to try my luck again. Agnes hook me up a job at the montgomery branch where she used to work. I was blur to the shits about waitressing and showed up one fine morning at work trying to bluff my way. THat's where I met Shirley, Esther and Jessica. These are people who took care of me unconditionally when i was working there. They trained me and shared the tips with me. Just because we love each other like it was a new family there.

And so I met Esther today. Ironically, andrew had his pants done at the tailor shop where she was working. She asked if I came by for lunch, and I said no, i came because of her! Nearly brought us to tears and we chatted away and catching up on 6 lost years.... She has not changed, ever the wise and always giving me 'tips' of life. I have as she described, 'gone cute' after all the pounds I gained.

But isn't it amazing that it felt like we've never left that small little joint called komegashi...

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