Friday, January 02, 2009

Facing It with A Smile

Day after day, I must face a world of strangers
Where I don't belong, I'm not that strong
It's nice to know that there's someone I can turn to
Who will always care, you're always there
When there's no gettin' over that rainbow
When my smallest of dreams won't come true
I can take all the madness the world has to give
But I won't last a day without you
So many times when the city seems to be
Without a friendly face, a lonely place
It's nice to know that you'll be there if I need you
And you'll always smile, it's all worthwhile- Carpenters
Ever felt when things just don't seem to turn out right..When your smallest of dreams wont come true....Not ever getting over that rainbow? It's been a tough 2008. Many challenges and changes. Just have to face it with a smile I guess. Here's a a great new year ahead.

1 comment:

Kyels said...

Happy New Year to you!


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