Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When You're Confused...

So many people around me are either leaving Malaysia or thinking about coming home. Well, I was just telling a good friend, we will never be 100% sure, and sometimes we just need 60% to be assured and just have to make that move.

we are 31 and yeah, we're still confused. If anyone can be positive in their life and the direction he/she's heading, well then he/she is all sorted out. We're not. I still can't even figure out what dress cut suits me the best, or whether I should keep my hair long or short.

It's nice to know we are all confused. I realized that maybe life is all about uncertainties, and obstacles. Maybe life is not meant to have answers for everything. It's just better if we leave it as that and live life not expecting answers all the time.

ANd stop asking questions as well, for that matter. (dedicated to shami)

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