Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Simpleton

Everyone claims they are simple (or plain...such a fine line!) people, but what defines being simple. True, not everyone is into the high-life, the constant partying or the drama- bananarama life.

1) Do you lead your life looking for drama? Making something out of nothing at all? Do you find yourself exaggerating every single thing that happens in your life?
2) Do you find a simple quiet day doing nothing unbearable?
3) Do you find yourself getting excited over a new gadget/phone/clothes? A wise man (who is also rich) once reminded us never ever to get attached to any material. Things wither or decay. Memories and love don't.

While some find it hard to be simple, others embrace simplicity. I know of people who find joy in a simple sandwich. A walk in the park. A picnic. Dinner with close friends. A packet of Milo. :)

Contented, not complacent.

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