Friday, September 11, 2009

Gen Y

or the Millenials...generally born in the 80s.. I am part of the Gen X. What I do gives me the opportunity to deal with Gen X and Gen Y people.... and here are my thoughts.

1) Gen Y tends to have higher expectations at work, dont matter that they are not nearly as qualified....they may even be more careful in their choice of career, even though they could not be fully-equipped to make such decision. As compared to Gen X, they are more with the "I'll take whatever I can get" attitude, perhaps because they've had a taste of the Asian crisis in '97, brings them a few levels down to earth!

2) While Gen Y are now smarter in a sense that they do pack up their repertoire with not only a degree, but masters/phds supplemented by professional certificates. Although bear in mind the standard of education has dropped drastically. Observe a bunch of Gen X speaking vivaciously in decent audible English....a bunch of Gen Y may speak with too many abbreviations. or not speak at all. I blame it on dependence to msn, fb, yahoo messenger, etc etc. I actually met someone who is anti-facebook, Gen-X-er, her reasoning being that if a friend is a friend at all, we should only just be a phonecall away.... however, I guess FB is somewhat a cheaper way to stay connected....hehe

3) Types of interest seems to fair differently for Gen X and Gen Y. Not to generalize but while in my generation we did not have the luxury of computers and www.... we indulge on outdoorsy stuff. For e.g, while girl guides/scouts were considered cool in the's not considered lame by some Gen Y-ers! hhahahhaa.

What are your thoughts....


philters said...

i'm a gen XY. the in-betweener. born exactly in the year 1980.

completely in love with 80s cartoons. never really got to know technology until i was 17. was among the last among friends to get an fb account. currently anti-twiter because i think that's just pushing things too far.

thinks BEP is cool but totally cannot stand sean kingston at all. thinks lady gaga got personality but rihanna is seriously trying too hard.

lost interest in politics but if hopeful for a decent future.

how's that?

tihtahpah said... 'em smurfs....and inspector gadget.

dont understand about this twitter business...very annoying...and seriously dont give a damn what others are doing.

hate BEP, dont mind lady gaga and rihanna

i'm hopeful for msian politics...but...kinda lost interest too :)

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