Monday, November 09, 2009

On a New Ship

"You've been reassigned." Of course, that was never how it was said. So much was said but I guess that's what it means. I've been offered a new opportunity to do a different program within the consulting group which I gladly accept. Bored and getting complacent, me and I guess my boss knew I need a change. A challenge. Another beginning.

I was only given a week to say my goodbyes and do my handover. Great. I like a fast departure. It would make leaving my new found friends easier and the transition to a new place fret-free.

I guess what makes it hard to leave would be the great team I am in. I would miss the early morning emails from my Australian actress-turned-consultant colleague, the continuous queries from my jap counterpart and constant gossiping with my singaporean and KL (now in penang) counterpart, and the lame ejek from the korean fella. Would I ever find a better team than this.

Aihhh, it's not like me to get nostalgic, but being alone in a floor-ful of non-colleagues make us appreciate one another. However, I'm excited and cannot wait to get on the new ship and sail! and DIVERSIFY!

1 comment:

philters said...

congratulations on your reassignment then :) i think fresh air is always good.

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