Saturday, January 02, 2010


2009 ended with much excitement. And there's been a lot of changes. For one, I'm now Mrs Yeong, technically; customary wise, I stilll need to go through the Ko Tai Lai, before it's official.
2. At work, I've embarked on something totally new, and I'm embracing the change. Some people are resistant to change, but I love change, at work at least. It keeps me excited at work and breaks the monotony.
3. 2009 was the year of me adapting to staying alone and with andrew thereafter. It's nice to play house with someone, that's something WY said to me.
4. No big purchases. Except for the trip to Melbourne. Was worth it, as it was a long overdue family trip. oh plus Andrew :) . And minus Imn.

Resolutions. I dont really have any. Maybe just embrace 2010 and make the best out of it. Find new places to explore and live, and let live, everyone!
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