Saturday, January 09, 2010


It's the season for weddings... Every woman is either the bride or the jimui or the guest. Well you know how brides can get. They want the perfect wedding because it's a once in a lifetime kinda thing. Sweet. And so, a friend of mine appointed me and A as part of the jimuis entourage.

So she gave A the heads up about the dress- pink and satin. And it's free coz my friend is a clothing merchandiser and could get it done dirt cheap in China. Just the notion of pink and satin is enough to make A gag. Childish, it seems. And so my friend brought samples and even the colour board for us to choose. So i told her, seriously, I dont care, the bride chooses and I'll wear whatever color the bride wants! After all, isnt' that what being a jimui is all about?

I told A that we're just gonna be freaking wearing it for a couple of hours. Just do it. Do it for a friend. But still, A refused. She'll rather not be the jimui. People dont realize planning your own wedding can be really stressful, and it's disheartening to see my friend on the verge of crying, trying all her best to accomodate to ALL the jimuis.

someone ought to write the dos and donts of being a jimui.
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