Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And the Hardest Part.....

The day is near. My hardest stint yet. TO be a *&^*&^-ing bride. I aim to enjoy myself. because we can't please everyone. So let's hope everything falls into place, and if it doesnt, heck :) I hope everyone enjoys it though. We did the best we could with our budget. I just hope no one leaves sorely disappointed or hungry :( I'm touched and feel blessed with the love around me from my family. It's a nice feeling knowing that someone wants the wedding to be more perfect than you want it to be.

Secretly, I know I wanted this wedding to happen while my family's still intact, mum and dad are there to bless it, and all my sisters, brother-in-laws (except for Jason, but imn would represent him) and the little additions (aaron and kyra). That's what matters to me ...in the end. Not the flowers, or the gown, or the dinner... J shared with me her thoughts on wishing her grandma and mom were around to celebrate hers and it just broke my heart. I'm glad that I know now I would never have to feel that kind of loss. Especially on the most important day of my life.

I wish the events leading to the wedding day could be better, but no regrets. There are things that happen and no use being angsty about it. I cannot change the world! (says the wise Tache).

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