Saturday, November 06, 2010

Take a Chill Pill

To achieve a stress-free and a happy life, make a conscious effort to take a chill pill. Imn says i'm a control freak, and yeah, she knows me best! But I guess, if i wanna live longer, i'm gonna have to need a constant supply of chill pill! Takes a constant reminder in my head to tell myself...RELAX....RELAX!

1) work is just work. a channel to help u realize your other dreams, to wheel you towards your goal. why get upset over things you can't control? just be happy that we even have a job nowadays! people at work complain constantly, and you know wat? I'm happy because I've had it worse. And I didnt complain that much even then, because as I told tache, I love going to work. If at any point you're starting to dread going to work, well, it's just not working out then. so take a chill pill. no one says you HAVE to work there. no one says it's the ONLY job in the world.

2) You can't change others, so change yourself. That's something tache said the other day. which is so true. in my case, i apply it to the way i react to things these days. Sometimes, people annoy me, or they say negative things, and refuse to listen even though it's for the better. Well, I can't change how others feel or think, so I can only stop GETTING ANNOYED with anything. If i change how i react or if i just DO NOT REACT, i dont get annoyed or irked. ignorance can be bliss at times!

3) Nothing is Perfect. No one is perfect. Not everything has to fall in order in everything you set out to do. I learn that while planning THE WEDDING. believe me, the wedding is everything I didnt plan it out to be. And it's actually BETTER! there are some hits and misses, but I'm still happy. It's a product of imperfection and effort from everyone, so TAKE A CHILL PILL! the wedding coordinator at the restaurant today must be very happy. I didnt complain about the food, or ask for freebies, or requested for anything.

So everyone, take a chill pill today. we all need it to stay sane!

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