Friday, December 17, 2010

Yam Sengggggggggggg

It was a memorable 2-day affair. Some hits and misses. But it was fun and filled with happiness. The morning started off at 6am, mom was already awake cooking. Incredible. She made 5 dishes on top of the buffet spread- rojak, chicken curry, acar (nyonya style) etc. Imn woke up later to prepare the 'props' for the games later for the hengdais. Book and Alvyn went to collect the other goodies, while Tache and Erche were busy feeding the kids. Dad was the director, and had his cup of coffee for the morning. Can you feel the love already ? :)

The morning session went fine. Andrew was slightly late because he forgot the bouquet, and the fruit basket. That is despite me sending a sms reminder to one of his hengdais, knowing that Andrew may just forget. I guess guys are just not so good with details! haha. Shamila, Ming, Tzewei, Weiyi, Wantheng, Heeky, Yenbin, Herman, Eva, Siang were my jimuis. Although i've missed Karyee, Sookching, Huilarn, Chuilyn, Agnes, JUNE.

We didn't get lunch in the midst of all the chaos, so I had to call my sister to prepare some food for us to take away :( haha. In all the hype, everyone forgot to feed us! hehe

The 1st dinner was like an adrenaline rush. I was quite high and truly HAPPY. to see my relatives, to see my friends, ex-colleagues, everyone at the reception. It was quite funny how everyone kept mistaking me and Imn, hehe. I didn't waste much time, and before the 2nd dish, I was already gallivanting around the hall, making my rounds and greeting my guests. I didnt want to be the demure bride that sits on the main table ahhahahaa. Had a lot of fun. Shaun was the mc (had me in laughter), Tache the choreographer for the walk-in (guys, this is a very crucial task because...try keeping 2 kids on a leash and make them walk straight), Erche and Alvyn for the program and music, Imn especially for being the treasurer. Most restaurants want to be paid by the 1st half of the dinner, so, poor Imn missed about 4-5 dishes i think.

Mom and Dad were just fabulous. My guests after the wedding told me that my parents went round their tables and ejek Hisyam (the performer that night), and asked them to tapau, made them feel warm, and well, just being the fabulous hosts on our behalf. Andrew's mom did a good job in guest list, trust me everyone, it is not an easy task due to the limited seats. My mom was pretty flexible and I had a free hand in that.

If anything, I applaud my parents for being so understanding and flexible...these are things that made me feel it was really my wedding. Most couples I know would say "oh, that wedding is for my parents wan.....for show only, make the old folks happy onli". but I didnt feel that way. Maybe it's the Hainanese blood in me, I really love my relatives. I even invited some of mom's old friends from Teluk Intan that mom forgot, because I really love them. THey all watch me grow up, and it would not have been complete without their presence on my big day.

Andrew had a little episode and was drunk, not pissed drunk thank god, was still able to walk on his own, although Shauny had to put up with his trash talk haha, singing Oasis on the way home. He was in his new boxers ONLY at the balcony and Shauny had to keep him occupied while I try to 'dismantle" my makeup and hair.

2nd day was a little less dramatic, although Erche and Imn had to do up the reception, and the lovely spread. It was a wonderful surprise because it turned out better than I envisioned. THe photographs of truly US (not those bridal shoot) and Erche's spread. The spread was something I've always loved and wanted, but just didnt have the ability to assemble something like that. Tache had to man the reception with June for a while....hehehehe. And Tache/Alvyn took some great pictures. Candid and things I love. I had tache and alvyn this task because over the years, I've always loved the babybandit blog for the pictures and tache's wit, and Tache's shots in fb, that always made me happy. True enough, Tache/Alvyn's pics were great.Again Imn missed the food, and only got to the Main Course, busy counting money. I'll plan yours next year Imn!

The highlight was probably my dad's impromptu speech ....the song. Dad's declaration of his love to my mom after 43 years....because 12Dec is also their anniversary. There was a little mishap with the album I did for them which Imn and Tache fixed (thank god). Was a nice touch to the wedding as dad departed some wisdom to our friends who were either newlyweds, or attached, or new parents.

And last but not least, to sum it all up, as Andrew (in his drunk state) puts it, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.


Gallivanter said...

Glad to be a part of it. Welcome to the newlyweds club!

imn said...

actually 3 of us redid the front cover of the photo album. tache found the pic, erche printed the pic, i pasted the pic... hahahaha

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