Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Power of Affirmation

I've learned so much from my tache that I can barely blog fast enough about it. Power of Affirmation. Definition of Affirmation: the assertion that something exists or is true.

I think we all go through life having a certain perception of ourselves. If people say you're ugly, you think you're ugly all your life. It's really nothing to do with your confidence, but what if those people were wrong? most of the time, we're influenced by your family and your closest friends. Some people carry very low esteem of themselves because of that.

Recently I got a thank you from a close friend. Said that I was so instrumental in helping him and that things I've said have really woke him up! An affirmation from a friend! I must say i was astounded. I didnt think that anything I said ever had any impact on anyone. And it made me feel really good seriously. And even my tache said that i'm actually quite wise. Wow. Talk about a boost in how much you value yourself. Wouldnt you want to give someone that?

So as my sister advised, start giving people affirmation. It's really a positive thing. if you think someone has made a change in your life, however small the impact, say thank you to that person. Today.


Gallivanter said...

Yes, affirmation is key, come let's reaffirm each other at a bloggers gathering I'm organizing!


BabyBandit said...

omg sze...u encapsulated all that i told u in one weekend in 2 blog posts...good stuff!

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