Thursday, September 13, 2012


I was walking out of my sister's place and saw an old lady walking with an umbrella as her tongkat. She said hi and I said hi back. Then she turned back and scolded the maid to leave her.... And go away. At first I thought the maid was disturbing her, but i don't think she would coz she looked like some little girl. Then the old lady proceeded to walk in the middle of the road! Very slowly too I might add. Mom then saw me still outside and went out to have a look she then clarified that the old lady was her friend's sister..... Senile and the maid was told to follow her in case she doesn't know how to come home! Sad. I mean it is more than sad. It is also disturbing that this could happen to any one of us. My mom then also added that she is a spinster. Sigh. As we grow older, I guess our fears have changed. Can't help but worry when I grow old too. 

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