Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lost The Plot?

My phone went bust the other day so I have been using a really old Nokia phone. I love it because really I can chuck it anywhere and I know nobody would want it, the battery lasts for 3 days and it is small so I could keep it in my pocket. Sounds like the perfect phone for me because I really just use the phone for its original intended objective, making calls and receiving calls.

I can't believe the amount of remarks and snickering I got for using that phone, haha! Why la, this phone sooooo pariah! Get an iPhone la. Get an android phone la. Very suaku la. Bla bla bla. So much hoo haa over a phone really.

And the list goes on. Why you stay in a 1 bedroom apartment. Why you don't use a handbag! Why are you driving a Vios still? Why you don't wear any diamonds....

Interestingly enough today I went for a class and touched on self esteem, and how one measures success. It is apparent from the above that people obviously measure success by material that they think represents their status. If that is so, I must be measured to be extremely unsuccessful!

But then it depends on how you measure and what you deem success to be, the trainer continued on. If one does not succumb to peer pressure, what do you truly think success is all about? Mine is really simply to be happy and for the people aroun me to be well taken care of in all aspects in life. Sure money is important but it is not the most important thing to me anyways.

Back to the phone, only my brother in law said it is just phone. Who cares what phone you are using, can function mah can lor. And what we buy or use is really our personal choice and should be respected.

Do you think we Malaysians somehow have lost the plot along the way?  Asians are the biggest spenders for luxury goods with Japan being # 1 and China #2. Malaysians are joining in to the race for the best of the best you can buy and what the market can offer. The catch is that we don't really make as much as the japs or the Chinese.

As I listen to the trainer today I made a mental note that one day, I hope to inspire Bubu to find Real measures of success. It should not always be about money. Every day that we nurture and witness Bubu grow, is a success for me. every milestone is a success for me. And no canggih android phone can beat that.

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