Saturday, July 08, 2017


That's the tag line for the week- incompetence of supplier/colleagues, incompetent leaders and incompetent teachers! I have spent the week with various parties almost like a broken record on why we do certain things and how we should do it. I have mentioned to the organisation boss that I am willing to help/teach/do as long as the person is willing to learn. At some point I had to admit some people are just taking on something they cannot handle. They lack the competence to handle any conflicts whether big or small. It can be very "menyampah" working with people in my company who has not worked outside before. Always offering flowery solutions before real diagnosis. I have had bosses before who would have grilled me if I had done that -It didn't matter if I had to dismantle a car or a defective part Or troubleshoot a machine, just get it right. And stop wasting everyone else' time.

The one that is really beyond my control are incompetent leaders... especially if they are my leaders. Sure we have platforms to raise our concerns - but incompetent leaders as I mentioned to my boss need to humble themselves and learn! Whether it hurts their egos or not- I don't really care because incompetent leaders make the subordinates life miserable when the subordinates know the governance and processes better.  If your basics and foundation are weak then you lose all credibility. Zilch. I shut out when they speak. I did confront the person only to reaffirm my stand. I still did whatever I was told to but not without a fight.

It was just Thursday when I sat through what must have been the most unfulfilling business review with a partner who absolutely came prepared to grill us and the supposed leaders in their fluffiness and lack of thorough plan......I sat there baffled that I have worked in worse companies and despite lacking in education, they never let the suppliers hold their balls, they would never enter a meeting without a plan to walk away with what they want. 

And next incompetent teachers- I know Malaysia is full of them, but I don't like to walk out of an issue without having tried my best. And so Lucas scored zero for his Chinese spelling test. The teacher asked for my signature. I signed of course but I queried if the words were too difficult, was there something we can do? Of course I was being naive- she did not reply me however subsequently the words became less difficult.I guess from a teacher I have expected a response. I plan to have a 1:1 with her when report card day comes. 

Yes all in a gist of 5 days. But all , we shouldn't give up . If people are incompetent it doesn't mean we accept it. If you accept it, you are the moron.  I always think one tiny step is better than nothing. Take the step to intervene or do just anything, at least we walk away having tried our best.

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