Sunday, July 23, 2017

Craving for Affirmation

People are funny creatures. People around me are always wanting someone's approval, or another's compliment or someone else to say "you are really good". Who wouldn't want it? But to crave for it...... ? I would just do as I normally would and pray for the best. If I get recognised well yeay for me, and if I don't, the satisfaction of just getting the work done would suffice for me. Not everyone of course thinks the same. People will sometimes ask me - why nobody rewarded them for something that they clearly should get recognised for. Actually I know so many people who has this need to
Be recognised. And to find like minded people can be difficult. I know of 2 like minded colleagues and it's so easy to talk to them. We are not on the kiasu run. Kiasi maybe. And I don't seek for affirmation. Especially from people that I think are not opinion-worthy. We should just be contented - knowing that we have done our very best in everything that we set out to do.

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