Tuesday, February 19, 2008

At the Brink of Depression?

Got these people around me whom i've noticed to carry these symptons...
1) talking nonsensical things that is either very unimportant or that doesnt make sense..
2) he or she talks to u without expecting an answer from you
3) relates everything to his/her religion
4) very moody, could be nice and friendly with u one day and aloof the next day
5) very lonely and expects you to always be by his/her side
6) laughs loudly to themselves
7) has no desire to do anything or with anyone
8) no desire to meet anyone
9) basically no desire at all


sweekheng said...

hello! i used to like flourescent shoelaces too (not that i wore them) - i think they used to be called Day-Glo. haha! email straight to sweekhengatgmail?

Vicky said...

can u be that friend of mine???
i miss u...
i would be very excited to have both u and endroo coming down to sg.
i'll make sure i bring both of you to the most happening place, and let's hv a drink...do nothing but relax, and talk nonsense.. :D

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