Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of Possessions and Such

My life can be pretty much summed up by the boxes of knick knacks and whatnots stacked and shoved is spaces beneath beds in Ipoh and KL. I have this ritual of opening and repacking the boxes every now and then, browsing through my possessions again and again.

Funny but my prized possessions are actually not worth anything at all....
My possessions date way back when i was in primary school, so u can just imagine, from fluorescent ugly shoelaces (used to be a fad!), button badges of NKOTB, even Duran Duran, old cassette tapes of 80s music to small gifts from friends.

You know those little notebooks u have when u were in school and u used them to write stuff and pass around to friends during classes , passing little notes when the teacher is not looking? well i kept all those, it has funny pictures for example a great sketch of my ex-dog, Snowy by weiyi and silly poems that we wrote during Science classes....and Sookching asking me where to go after school, like 'want to eat pizza bread in Ipoh Parade after class?'

and all those unfinished artwork during art class most of the time we were chatting more than doing the actual work. i kept all those, god knows why...

just last week i was at my Ipoh house and was looking through my mom's pics from her heydays, in short miniskirts and big sunglasses and Jackie O outfits...hahaha, i wasn't the only one who keeps my memories in boxes and such.

just found out that sweeks was a fan of the volkswagen beetle and thought i'd ask my 2nd sis if she wanted to sell her junk, that's been sitting in tmn desa and recently 'moved out' to subang. thought she didn't want it anymore, but no, even in the pathetic state the car is in, she didnt want to sell it. First cars are hard to forget but i doubt people keep them anymore.

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kyels said...

You're right, not everyone will keep their first cars. Out of the cars topic; I'm still keeping my old iPod even though its partially dead because it was my very first music player. Memories are there.


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