Monday, May 12, 2008

A Day at FRIM

Got a friend from Indo , and great timing for an outing to FRIM...since i've never been there! sheesh, i really need to see more of Malaysia! And so, we head out to FRIM and made a short stop at Batu Caves.

L was just telling me about how dreadful and lonely it is over here, because she's never been out of Jakarta for so long to work, it's like a sudden transition from the familiarities at home to nothingness in KL. Well, I think we all gotta adapt and just make the best of NOW. She said that she understood how it must hv been like for me when i was in Jakarta, but it really didnt become a BIG problem for me since I was always driven by curiosity, intrigue and i think i'm easily awed anyways... :)

And so, we took her to FRIM, along with NKK and Beef, Munchoon, Henry +wife, and our supposed tour-guide, andrew :) . then took the rover track and the canopy walktrail to go up the canopy walk. wow. and it's not even the longest. (told u i'm easily awed :)) worth the little hike we took to see it.

it was then a short trail through the waterfall, before we reached the bottom. then head out to Segambut seafood noodle for lunch. A very satisfying day indeed and i hope L had a great time, at least puts her out of her misery for a day!

We're planning another trip to ulu yam this weekend :). have a great adventure!

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