Friday, October 15, 2010


I cannot in my life, fanthom nor understand why in this world are there people who refuse to learn how to drive. They'll rather rely on others to chauffeur them, and that is only at another person's convenience. Perhaps it is fear, perhaps it is ignorance, perhaps it's lack of independence. I have no idea. I have been brought up independent and was gung-ho to learn how to drive, albeit driving my sister's old volks (which was a scary experience in the hilly Bukit Damansara at that time).

My mom, 64, drives herself everywhere, whenever, small car ke, big car ke, you name it. She has in history driven to Melaka, Teluk Intan, KL, Ipoh, brave the corners and nooks of KL and PJ, and now Subang.

My dad, 70, is still driving up and down from KL to Ipoh, and driving himself to work till this day.

A relative of ours was forced to learn how to drive, because her husband passed away, and well, really, in times of emergency, would you really rather hail a cab, call a cab, than to drive a car that is already at your doorstep? It might be a minute too late. All just because of ignorance.

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