Sunday, October 24, 2010

Say No to Angst

it was a weekend of education and enlightment that my eldest sister has brought to us. No more angst, and no more stress! It's really how you perceive things and deal with problems etc that makes a difference. Everything really starts to become clearer and less stressful if you'd just follow these mantra.
1) You can't change others. so change yourself. change the way you react to things that irks u.
2) do not carry stress at work back to your home. You will affect the people who are the closest to you.
3) say that you love your parents, or your friends. even if it takes a tear or two. take that step.
4) give affirmation to people who deserves it. and anytime. people do not realize that you are appreciative. go ahead and make her/his day.
Of course there are also some rules:
1) there's a fine line between arrogance and confidence.
2) between complacency and laziness.
3) positive energy attracts positive things. it's the law of attraction, so discard all negative energy from yourself!

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