Monday, October 04, 2010

Mercy Killing

or better known as Euthanasia. Yesterday I took my mom to visit her old friend (well, she literally has all WHITE hair!) at the Pantai Hospital in ampang. it was her 10th surgery the day after, and almost a month and a half at the hospital. She has cancer, but she still was her same old positive self.

She told us that she was ejek-ing a doctor the other day that she was all out for Mercy Killing. She said that if a dog was suffering, the vet has no qualms about putting the dog to sleep, so why can't the same be done to a human being who is suffering as well. What is the point of suffering, she exclaimed. In her view, the doctors should speak up for the patients since euthanasia is illegal in Malaysia.

She said she's not afraid to die. "i can die anytime man" was what she said. What's good is life now anyways to be always on the operating table and lying in bed anyways. and she also said she's had enough of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was adamant to get out of the hospital and live on some holistic diet. Nevertheless, she's gungho about playing mahjong with mom again. haha

this is closely related to the movie "You Dont Know Jack" starring Al Pacino. Strikes a chord in my heart. The fine line between the choice of ending suffering or fighting a losing battle. Go watch it.

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