Monday, December 27, 2010


Everyone's been asking about where we're going for our honeymoon. I guess we've always been the unconventional couple, so even in the wedding itself, everything was really different and we did not really follow the standard rules. So for Honeymoon, well if only finances permitted it, we would have gone for a trip immediately after the wedding...but..

1) well, we had a lot of 'important' people in KL for the wedding, like Tache + family, Imn, Shauny...we couldnt possibly just leave...
2) I just started on a new job, and dont wanna be taking too many leaves already.
3) Andrew's still in the midst of his classes, haha, poor thing.

But we did set a few rules ..we've decided not to buy each other material gifts for our birthdays, instead, we'll buy each other trips! So our next birthday-cum-honeymoon is for Andrew's birthday in February! And it'll be a short trip to Phuket.

Any ideas where to stay in Phuket?


atrica said...

wow... i like the rules u guys set.. i think i shud set it too... hehee... buying each other trips for birthdays... :)

::little projects in style:: said...

phuket sounds great! :) we too waited and waited till we saved up a bit and accrued a little more leave before we decided on our honeymoon!

have a blast!


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