Friday, December 24, 2010


Keiko-san was someone I met in my previous company. Combined fortune telling and headhunting is a lethal combo that makes her a great headhunter! She used to sit in a room just opposite me and always said that I hardly had time to talk to her as I was always immersed in work (or look like busy-neh!) or eyes glued to the screen. When I told her I was leaving the company, she read my fortune, and said that I was gonna soar high, but i'll have to be manning my own business to excel.

She came for my wedding reception at BSC. This time round, she read Andrew's. She mentioned to him that he'll have to be careful about his stress level, and be aware of the 'quality' of his friends. There are just people around you who manipulate your kindness so that it'll work to their benefit. I've encountered some, and we have to know who our real friends are! Keiko san said I have an eye for these kind of things, so Andrew should listen to me more. HAHAHA.

even more than ever now, her advise is something I'll carry with me wherever I go.

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