Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 ..... 2011.

Can't believe the year went by so fast. I felt it was a good year though. What do you think? I felt that I had a well rounded year, career, wealth, family, love, travel, all the works.

Of course the biggest highlight was us officiating our marriage by the wedding reception just few weeks ago. I was just telling Kye that you gotta let everyone you love know you're getting married so they'll make it to her wedding, because you'll want to feel the love around you on your big day. It's corny I know, but that's how I felt with my family reunited with Imn back, my parents, the Angs, and the Books, and all my jimuis and closest friends. The wedding was even better than I imagined it to be.

Family- Imn and Tache both moved to new places before the year ends. Kyra's a big girl now and Aaron's naughty as ever. Mom and Dad are still energetic as ever and without their support, emotionally and financially, perhaps our wedding would not have materialized. Tache's had enlightment this year, and yar, maybe we should tell our parents more often how much we love them. Affirmation is necessary!

Career wise, I've let go a major opportunity with my previous company after a promotion. But I'm happy with the decision and moving forward to something less stressful. Gone were the days when I'm crunching numbers and kpis, and trying to meet impossible goals. Now I have the flexibility to also spend some time on 'me' and other things that matters in my life. I'm embracing work life balance and I think that's important when you're in your 30s. No?

Travel- we've put on hold our travel plans and only made it to Macau and Jogjakarta this year. Both were birthday presents for each other :) Let's hope for more next year. But really, I'm happy with even just 2 little trips anywhere. Life's too short.

And so the year ends with a new beginning. 2011 promises a year full of love as hopefully Imn would have her tea ceremony here, and my closest friends (kye, june) are getting married, and I'm already gearing up for a CNY reunion with some SPC friends.

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