Friday, October 19, 2007


I read about the flamer. The nerve of her. Even with the friend disclaiming her, she’s still persistently disturbing the both of you. But well, these kind of people do exist unfortunately. They are what I refer as the ‘small people’. And I have come up to a few conclusions why such people exists. Scroll below.

1) The fella is a no-lifer. The whole issue is unrelated to her. She obviously leads a real boring life and so decided to place her butt into this whole thing. Must be muka tembok also as she wasn’t even invited to butt in.

2)They don’t have anything better to do. Unfortunately the no-lifer has no goals, or ambitions, or a direction which is why she’s finding the whole thing intriguing and fun for her. Geez, get a life.

3) She has no friends. Or else she’ll put her energy on friends that matter.

4)She is a coward. If other people’s private life affects her SOOOOO much then she ought to just talk to Jem & Kyels face to face. Why hide behind the name “Friend of Jo” and post ridiculous comments.

People has gone so tacky nowadays. I still prefer the one-to-one showdown face to face, instead of the low-down method of flaming others on their blogs. The same thing happened to endroog when one fella flamed him for being honest. If you have guts (which I doubt), call me. Let’s meet up.


iamikel said...

Nice post. way to go TihTahPah... i support you!

kyels said...

Unfortunately, this troll has been making assumptions about my which is not true at all. Like what you've said, one-to-one showdown. I'd prefer that anytime.

What I'm hoping is to put that troll back into his/her own position and stop bugging Jem about her private life. No lifer, totally! Anyway, there are two sides to a story, so there are certain dark tales behind this whole thing; I believe so.

Thanks for this post Szer!


Jemima said...

Thank you for the post, my friend. *hugs*

Hopefully that was the last we've heard from him/her. He/she is making me sick & I'm really tired..

FYI & Endroo's, Mum is eating better but she is still physically very weak.

belle said...

crazy ppl crazy dos.just ignore this kinda psycho.there is nothing you can do about it anyway.
life is too short to be wasted on this.
believe in karma.

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