Friday, October 19, 2007

Life in the New "Middle Earth" Zealand

Ever thought of living in New Zealand? Well, I have an uncle there who has lived in New Zealand for the past 20 years. He has a property there that is snugly located near University of Auckland. This is especially good as it is convenient for my cousins to commute from home to university daily. Most people would assume that any properties located near the university and in the city of Auckland itself would be expensive but on the contrary, it is actually reasonably priced and affordable.

New Zealand is favorable to investors because of high depreciation rates, no land tax and no property purchase tax either. New Zealand also has no wealth or death duty taxes which is a load off the citizens.

To have a bigger overview and what New Zealand can offer you, browse through new zealand property. The website offers a lot of information, not only for investors, or citizens but also for people interested to migrate there. There are property buying guides and property developments information to facilitate you. Some locations are also scenically situated overlooking mountains and lakes. For investors, there are information on million dollar properties along the 300K City Apartments.

Besides that the website also offers information and advise on how to finance your investments. This will be especially useful for those wanting to build a family there but is on a tight budget. There are also extra information on finding work and schooling too. This website could be your one-stop solution in starting a new life in New Zealand!

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