Friday, October 19, 2007

Mean Girls

I’m just at my 3rd week with the new company that is highly-infested with women. My 2 direct superiors are females and my colleagues are mostly females. Well the company is good, in that it allocates a secretary to every department to help with the dept needs. Well, the secretaries are really one-leg-kick, where they do the donkey-est work , binding, visa application, stationeries, faxing, arranging transport for the staff, handling of departmental assets, distributing memos, arranging accommodations for the china bosses and spouses etc, liaising with the HR and IT dept for batteries and laptop repair.

So wouldn’t you agree that the dept secretary is equally if not more, important as any of the dept staff, be it the engineers or the managers or the directors. They serve an important purpose, to help us work better. I really appreciate her as I used to do those donkey works as well even though I was also doing operational work, so I have experience enough to know that it’s a HASSLE! She puts a load off many of the manager’s burden.

So I don’t know if the girls in my dept are mean or what, but they tend to ignore her sometimes. When she’s telling them things like not to throw food in the wastebasket during the raya time since the makcik is not around- it may seem simple but imagine coming back to office after raya with the office stinking or with maggots. The girls in my dept don’t even bother to acknowledge that they heard her.

You know when one of your colleague’s going away on holiday- so just for the sake of small talks u sometimes ask where she’s going or whether she’s going by tour or what. She asked one of my asst manager and she totally snubbed her and ignored her. Does it hurt to just answer the poor girl? I mean c’mon, it wasn’t even time to start work yet.

Which is really such a shame because she’s a bubbly girl and I enjoy talking with her…unless those girls here who put on an air like it’s such a big deal working at where we are. It’s just work. No one deserves to be treated that way.

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belle said...

some ppl..just think they are superior..
ppl like us knows how to be humble and be nice to everyone
...believe in karma.thts all i can say

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