Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Taste Of The Apple

I don’t really have big ambitions. All I want sometimes if just to get a bite of everything, a pinch here and there. Had a taste of the Big Apple years back and I left NYC with a lot of memories, of good and bad. In all it did give me a sting of maturity I needed that time. Everyone said it was dangerous but I just had to have a go at it! And I came back with no regrets and plenty of dough.

Coming back in Malaysia, I had a preview of the working life here. Mostly it’s frustrating and yet funny sometimes especially my last job. Sometimes it’s funny when you hear people complaining about how tough their work is, how bad their boss is, or how they work so late, or they had to stay overnight in the office. I say, I never take someone’s word for it, you won’t know till YOU ACTUALLY experience it. I think people think it’s glorious to be slaves to their company. I think if you don’t get overtime wages then what’s the point? What are u trying to prove? Else, it’s just bad time management!

Before I started work here at this place, some said that it’s a chinaman company, or that the expense claims are late, or that the work is horrid, how they’ll work u to death…etc. But I went ahead and tried it anyway. Just to have a taste of the apple I guess. It was a job for Asia Pacific, and I thought well I’ve never experience that before, so why not?

And well now I know. Maybe it’s just the Malaysian trait sometimes to be overly negative or to tokok-tambah about something they don’t really know about. It scares me sometimes when people claim that they know so much about something they don’t! Not only does it mar your decision but it also confuses you. So I say, LISTEN and VERIFY THE TRUTH. SEEK THE TRUTH. GET A TASTE OF THE APPLE!

At least you can say u’ve tried!


Gallivanter said...

I'll be tasting some new apples after almost 8 years. All the best! Once again, Endroo G will be well taken care of. :-)

kyels said...

You're so right. It's always better to seek the truth for ourselves rather than listening to whistle blowers!


I hope you're doing good there!

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