Sunday, October 07, 2007

First Week on New Job

I've survived the first week at my new workplace in Jln Pinang. I must say it is an adjustment from my comfort in my previous job. I have to find new places to eat, new people to lunch with, from a designated parking space to a paid one (RM6 per day), but best of all, i'm starting work at 9am now instead of 8am.

But well, i miss my colleagues. Even though my new colleagues are younger or of the same age group as me, it seems to me that they lack the spunk and laughter i used to share with my ex colleagues. If anything, the office is horribly quiet on most days and everyone's working hard on whatever it is that they are doing.

No doubt the new office is more efficient and everything's systematic but then maybe what it lacks is a sign of LIFE. Everyone's going about their own business and trying to catchup with the ever-revolutinizing telco industry. No one has time to stop for a chat or two.

Just as "Pah" used to tell me, we are the types who would just adjust to a new environment but not necessarily conforming to other people's way of working. I would still continue to be my old self i guess, with the right balance of work and play. Oh no, I'm not gonna be a slave to the company that I don't have a share in :).


endroo G said...

Well, at least there's life AFTER work. KL man... KLCC... BB, Jalan P.Ramlee, endroo G, Pavillion....

belle said...

endroo!! tuesday remember ahhaha xDD

em..its hard to cope up with new environment sometimes but wat we need is time..=]

Jemima said...

*smiles at Endroo's comment... wonders why he didn't list himself as 1st* :p

Sooner or'll be fine there.. after all, you knew it was what you wanted.

kyels said...

My university used to be a Jalan Conlay and those were the best days of my life before the management moved it to Semenyih which has no sign of LIFE at all and it's so far away from the city. I travel everyday and I fear it because it gets tiring.

Jalan Pinang; well you are nearby good places to eat. You can check out Wisma Cosway and around the second or third floor in a very "designated" lot (quite at the corner, far end), there's a Chinese stall. They serve damn good food there and it's cheap. The lot is quite shabby but nevertheless during lunch time people queue to get into that place.


Off topic; I know it's at a far end but cannot remember which floor was it. After all, it's been 2 years since I was there.

endroo G said...

belle: Tuesday???? Remember what? Eh, please tell me what goin on on Tuesday.

Jem: KLCC is nearest to her office therefore it is mentioned first.

kyels: Eh Nottingham in MISC building. Jln Pinang got one restoran ... Red House or something. That one very nice. But I dont know if it still open. Got western and oriental food. Too bad, Pavillion open 3 years late for you.

BabyBandit said...

hahahah! someone has to WORK for real now!

belle said...

aihs..said..ffked by u both..i dont k..
makan on you both!

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