Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 flashback

Had a long time to ponder on my last 29 years this 2008, and yes i'm turning 30 this year...but not without a fight, am not ready to battle it out in this life. But really 2007 has been a blessed year. Found someone to share my life with and also a new start to my career as well. But i guess we can't have everything and it's all about balance i guess, with a good sense of priority.

Biggest impact in my life I would say is Andrew. Perhaps i dont mention him enough here but some things are just better left unshared. He's helped me grow up this year a lot more than he thinks. People who know me would know how much i've mellowed. Best thing is that he's good to my family. I've never realized how wonderful that is until I spoke to BeeF today. BeeF also taught me that I probably would never find another guy who can take my whims and sometimes eccentric ways. Do you know of any other guy who would spend their afternoons and evenings doing household chores & listening to my banter? Like many would say, he's one in a million, without the showy and egocentric ways of many men.

Work is work i guess. But i've finally moved on to another job. U dont know how much it took for me to leave my previous job, how much crying , pondering, double-guessing myself. Being away is just part of the sacrifice i have to make not only for myself but also my other half. But good things come with sacrifice, no? What I sacrifice now, i'll reap in years to come. That's good enough reason for me.

There's probably no bad moments in 2007, even if there were, i always try to see the good side of it all. I guess 2007 made me an optimist. Sure, Andrew had a terrible accident, but i did enjoy chauffering him around and finding taufoofah and 'designing' his liquid diet. We spent so much time smurfing it was funny at times, and heartwarming.

Just way nearing 2008, I also got a new nephew...lil' Aaron! hope there's more to come. :)


Vicky said...

aww... sob sob while reading ur blog.

how can u make me sob!!!!

it's a new year!!!

new year supposed to be HAPPY!!!

Have a great new 363 days!

Andrew said...


kyels said...

I'm glad that you have had a great '07. Decisions are bound to be hard to make but you did (about your job) and I guess you made the right choice.

Like yourself, I've learned a lot too and may '08 be better for us all!

nyx said...


so heartwarming to read :)

Anonymous said... sweet. :) Andrew must be blushing and flattered kan? heheheh..

Anyway, happy new year my dear. Do call us when you are down here in KL. We should go singing or yam cha again. Have not seen you for long time,hope everything is fine. :)


Cely said...

That was so sweet... hehe

dominic said...

just so sweet...
andrew, u're a lucky bastard..!
treat her rite...!

Belle said...

abit late but..SO SWEEETT!!! =DDDDD

happy 2008! hope everything goes well for u! =D

forever and ever! getting married MUST INVITE ME nyahahahaha i really cant imagine u in wedding gowns WHAHAHAHAHAHA

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