Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Muka Parah

Was having a plate of Gado-Gado nearby my Jakarta office and my Indon colleagues were discussing animatedly about facials and what nots. They've had like treatment, laser, UV rays, peeling etc. One of my fren went for a facial treatment and was labelled as Muka Parah Level 2. And her face didn't even look really that bad.

I'm probably one of those few people who actually go for regular facial. Shocking but me and my sisters and mom dont have that kinda routine. You know how u've never been exposed and u just don't think that it is a norm that you should do it? I can't remember the last time i had one, except for that free facial by new york solution that was only so-so and overrated. Except for my daily facial wash with just about any product, i dont really buy any other products.

DO you think we actually need it? No doubt that we need some facial cream to keep the face soft and smooth but how can we actually validate that all those facials are actually good ? And how often and how long and what products to use is a big question....Dermatologist or Beauty COnsultant?

1 comment:

kyels said...

I don't think facial is necessary. I still wash my face with soap and nothing's wrong with it.


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