Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I was fortunate enough to arrive in Jakarta only to have my boss to send me to Bali the very next day to “work”. It was a most relaxing 4 days 3 nights trip almost all expenses paid except for food. What more can I ask, right? First night was spent in Sanur Beach and the other 2 nights in Kuta Beach.

I’m not really a beach person, nevertheless the ambience and environment is good enough to make you feel all at once breezy and happy. The best moment for me there is probably just lounging after breakfast at the wooden chairs just by the poolside. Had a 2-hour massage at the hotel that is well deserved! I know I’m not really the hardworking type but hauling the luggage in and out of the airport can be tiring..

But I don’t really think I’ll pay on my own to go to Bali. It is much hyped for its beaches etc, I went all the way to Dreamland to see what the rave is all about, but very disappointing as there was construction going on and the sunset was spoiled by the clouds. If you’re into SURFING, now this is a place to be.

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