Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I wonder if anyone's in the same dilemma as me. Me being away from home with a tight schedule, kinda having a hard time 'structuring' my schedule for Chinese New Year. First of all, my family's like split between KL and Singapore and after a lot of discussion, my family decided that we're gonna do CNY in Singapore this year.

Which is great, except that I have to arrange so that i can fly straight to Singapore from Jakarta on my company's expenses (they pay for flights back but only to Malaysia). Straightened that out and got the ticket back to Singapore on the 5th Feb. Mind you, this was settled in the beginning of Jan'08.

And then it's the reunions and meetups. Not forgetting that i'm spending first CNY with Andrew, so it means I've got to synchronize mine with his. Visits to his family and his visit to mine. Reunions with friends are a big big problem too since some of them are back from overseas and they are also on a tight schedule. It used to be that the Ipoh reunion is done in Ipoh but this year i'm splitting it to KL, Ipoh and Singapore....hah...!

It's not easy anymore to get people together now. Aside from friends and family who are overseas, friends and family with kids or married are also on a tight and somewhat unflexible schedule too. Simple things like kids having to sleep after 7pm, or visits to the other half's family all have to be considered.

So, now the best way i find is just to send a mass mail, to get an agreed date, time and venue. Fix it and try not to be late. Make provisions for unexpected things like traffic jam or choose and easy place to find. The objective is to GET TOGETHER, that's what that matters.

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kyels said...

Getting together is indeed all that matters. But with the tight schedules, it's hard as well.


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