Friday, March 28, 2008


I can't stand...
1) people who act cutesy- guys or girls, i think those kinda antics should be left inside your own rooms n for your bf's/gf's eyes only. especially girls who call themselves baby, or bao bei. cmon, it's cool if it's just between u and ur other half, but it may appear somewhat gross for bywatchers. my niece is cute, you're not.

2) uptight lady bosses. something's seriously wrong with these women. lighten up please. they are some who are great, but some are just whackjobs. we are all just makan gaji only, life's not all about work. You wanna be able to get off work and still have fun and have a life out there besides your little life confined to that big cubicle. a cubicle is a cubicle.

3) self centered people. Yar those of you who wants the world to stop turning for you just because you dont like that restaurant your friends chose. Or just because you don't think it's hip to be seen in that kinda place. If you're looking to be in the 'just-want-to-be-seen-everywhere' scene, you can be a social butterfly all you want, but you're gonna have to respect others if you wanna be included in gatherings.

4) spoiled brats. u know, it's ok if you dont really know the value of money, or you get to spend all you want, but it's not cool if you criticize or discriminate someone because he/she is poor, that they dress poorly for dinners, that they have to scrimp and save for a little apartment, that they don't eat in fancy restaurants all the time, that they dont travel anywhere. Those who are fortunate should be grateful and humble towards those who have less than you. Why can't people just be more humble? Or is it just because you don't have anything interesting to say besides money-flaunting topics?

tell me, are u pissed off about anything right now?


Belle said...

i think no. 4 is not a spoilt brat but snobs!!!
im a spoilt brat i want something i ask and does not appreciate it but NEVER HAVE I DISCRIMINATE/DESPISE below average people.
i think no. 4 is stuck up or snobs.

and i cant tahan no. 3 ="= its so so so hard to live with thin kinda obligatory "friends" (mind u everything must be THEIR WAY or nothing at!!)!

kyels said...

I agree w/you --- everything you've written. Whenever there are gatherings, I'm up to any place to eat b/c I always believed in majority wins.


One more thing that I dislike is that friends saying they are broke when the actual fact is that they aren't. It gets annoying when again and again they say the same thing. I've a friend who says the same thing; it's like the phrase has been programmed in the mind.

neomesuff said...

hi..quite a while ive not been here..

..and i definitely pissed off with myself yesterday..brrrr..:-)

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