Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Signed Up for PPP!

If you're a blogger you would have known about PayPerPost or PPP for short. Just write simple and short posts conforming to basic requirements such as image tracker, links and you get paid! It is simple and easy to follow, anyone can do it.

blog network- I have made about USD97, not bad as it requires little of my time. It takes only perhaps 10 minutes a day to write a post. The payment is prompt and easy through Paypal. It is considered as a side income and can be used to supplement my other expenses. For now, me and my boyfriend have spent the money on air-tickets and trips. This is great and we do not have to spend our monthly income on these extra value-added trips and save it for other expenses instead.

The setup is simple. All you have to do is set a payperpost account and a paypal account and you are on the go. Next just login to payperpost and find opportunities to write - choose wisely and write with utmost honesty and truth. Then just follow the instructions and post accordingly.

Get started on PPP today! Get your friends to do it too. Get your family members and colleagues too.

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