Monday, March 03, 2008

Different Strokes

Life here is a lot different from the comfort i had in KL. In Jakarta, this time round I have housemates, one from Msia and another from China. On top of that, I even had some friends (with some misfortune with their keys) staying overnight here at the modest little apartment. Now I really have to learn how to live with strangers and reacquainted myself again with the facts of living on my own. I think Imn is going through the same thing as well. Gone were the comforts of living in the hotel previously.

My housemates are great though. We chat a great deal. As opposed to the silent 4 walls of a hotel room, now i get to chitter-chatter with my equally chatty housemate. I do believe sometimes that i chat my life away...haha
Meals have been interesting and so have night activities. I get to eat whatever I want, and if i dont feel like eating well i dont. It's hard to explain what this feels like but people who are constantly forced to have dinner whatnots which are somewhat compulsory sometimes or obligatory because of some relationships or friendships.........

As opposed to what people might think, the Indonesian culture is not very different from ours. Work or play. We are all the same.Having the same insecurities, wants and needs. THe same TAICHI culture and Char Kuay Teow culture also exist here!

Hope i'll be here a little longer though.

1 comment:

imn said...

haha i hv my own lil room now.. only hv to share the kitchen.. it's nice to see who i would meet there!

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