Monday, March 31, 2008

The Greed of Me

I think I've turned greedy. There's so many things that I want in life, whether material or emotional or monetary.. Is it wrong to feel like you constantly want MORE? It's rather motivating, I feel. I could always switch to zen-like mode and just stop wanting anything but then where's the spark in your life if you don't have any wants and cravings?

Love and happiness some might say - but don't you ever wanna be MORE HAPPY? or don't u wan't more LOVE? To be contented is such a large commitment really, to say you are contented means you are comfortable with NOW and u don't want more. How many can say that? If your boss gives you less increment than others while you've worked the hardest this year, would you be contented and just say NEVER MIND?

Greed. We all need that sometimes. :)

1 comment:

kyels said...

Well said. Greed can motivate us to excel.


Off topic; I've yet to meet you but would love to have coffee w/you one day. Hehe!

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