Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stop Bugging Me

I had at least 6 calls last night-3 of which were missed calls because i just didnt want to pick up the phone anymore. There was a gathering last night, and I didnt want to go because i was tired....Now, what's wrong with that? I show up for almost every damn gathering possible and yesterday I just needed a break.

Hasn't it ever occurred to anyone that maybe I just want to be left alone? Me and imny thinks its our age catching up on us and we're turning reclusive, but seriously, I do enjoy being by myself. I enjoy having my own time.

OK and so, I lied yesterday. Because it would have sounded too weird if i said i just wanted to be alone and rest... SO I said i was DEAD tired. I'll rather be vague than bluntly saying that I wanna be a hermit for a night. Boleh ke???

And why do i feel weird about admitting that anyways? Fear of being labelled as weird? Anti-social? Ok, i do have moments when I want to go's just that I have less needs for that now. And the moments when I do want to have quiet time are way MORE now.

So maybe it's weird I like having my cup of chinese tea in front of the telly watching reruns and dvds. Or mending my dying potted plants. Or rearranging my trinkets. I ENJOY IT. if that's weird, so be it.

1 comment:

imn said...

think it has alot to do with the fact that we were born in the cusp of leo & virgo.. odd mixture of extrovert and introvert behaviour

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