Thursday, February 12, 2009


Who's not hit by the economic downturn? I'm saddled by job insecurity, not to mention I work in a company that has up to date news on which company's bailing out or about to. So it can get rather depressing when all you hear is bad news. I haven't really heard of many people getting bonuses this year, or maybe people just opt not to mention about it i guess.

Saddled by a mortgage loan and well since getting a place, many unexpected bills and extra expenditure.

Putting my plans to travel on hold. I should I suppose after spending a bomb for the Eurotrip. I could sneak 1 really good trip somewhere cheap out of Msia or do a few local trips. Really wanna do Greece this year with imny and mom but i guess I really should sit tight and keep a watchful eye.

And so, this year is going to be a cautious and a very handicapped year. Whatever your zodiac sign says, well everything's almost related to money isn't it? Strained love= money. Job insecurity=money. Health =money. Marriage=money. Money=poket kosong. I think they should just summarize at the end of every zodiac/horoscope with a rating for $$$ in a scale of 0 to 10. 0= zero money. 10= loads of money.

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endroo G said...

endroo G took this picture at one of the metro station in Paris.

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