Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Depend

A friend of mine was just telling me that he loves having dependent/dependents...he loves to be the provider ...How many of us would think that way though? Most people take it as a burden.

But I guess having dependents makes him feel his life is meaningful. That working and slaving is meaningful. It also makes a person less selfish I suppose.

Imagine if u had no dependents. Well yeah, you have ample money to indulge on yourself. But how much could you use and indulge on.

It really takes a lot of selflessness to be in that mode. One must be so USED to paying for things and just making sure everyone's taken care of. A person like this will not expect any gratitude or appreciation because he loves doing it. One would be contented with putting a smile on that person he just cared and provided for.
I wonder if people like this really exist. Are you one?


Gallivanter said...

Sounds like your friend is an attention seeker. :-)

tihtahpah said...

that's an interesting perspective, galli..

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