Friday, February 13, 2009

The Right Gift

Anyone's scratching their heads finding the right gift for this sat? I was listening to the radio today and a caller was saying that he is having a tough time because:
1) he can't repeat the same gifts as last year or else he'll be branded as boring
2) he needs to get a gift that would be OK enough to get an OK from his gf
3) he can't get something to cheap...else he's a cheapskate..

finally he said he wondered if Valentine's day supposed to be like this. Meeting the other half's expectations.... and this stressful.

Seriously, life is tough as it is. And work is stressful as it is. I dont want a gift that's going to further burden my bf financially. BUt then again I dont want a useless gift that I would have to pretend in front of him to say that I love it, when I really dont.

So we've gifts this year. We have movie tickets booked. And most probably a quiet dinner in a quiet place. And it doesnt have to be an expensive place.

we sometimes place too much emphasis on material and luxury; ah, the faults of many.


Gallivanter said...

I don't believe in the Valentine bullshit. Commercial hoopla. Dinner will suffice.

Kyels said...

Prices are exorbitant for everything that spells Valentine's Day. Anyway, a simple and quiet dinner would suffice - for me.


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