Monday, September 24, 2007

The Right Click

I've concluded that my friends fall into these following categories...
1) humble people- I have to say i just love humble people. People who are not snobbish or put on airs because they are rich or hold great careers.
2) People who talk- And i mean really talk. Not ignore strangers in the group or only talk to their own clique. I think women tend to do that. It's always girl friends of my gal/guy friends who tend to ignore or whisper good-for-nothings amongst themselves. I wonder if they know what RUDE is.
3) NON-UPTIGHT people- means they are just looking for a good time. Or a chillout time. Or basically people looking to relax.
4) Friends who are there for each other- so far, I think my friends have always been there for me when i need them. I dont look for a shoulder to cry on, but usually friends to help me go through bad phases in many ways-coffee sessions, yumcha sessions, eating and eating.


kyels said...

I second you on this post. My category of friends are as above too!


However, I dislike people who will often say they are broke when asked to hang out. I get that reason all the time hence I'm tired of it.

belle said...

im looking for makan click..but no avail.most chics are just afraid to gain some weight..kanneh

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