Monday, September 01, 2008

My Merdeka Day

it started with a mini celebration yesterday at andrew's friend's place. Early this morning we head off for a short walk around Asia Jaya park. Then stopped by at the temple there to buy errr Thai stuff.....then breakfast at the infamous Vishal in Brickfields. Heard a lot about that place from my new colleagues. Cheap and nice. Old school bench style. Then it was a drive to Ulu Yam for Loh Mee.

Then it was a wedding dinner of my ex-colleagues. So a reunion atlast with the old bunch. Bring back memories. It's so nice to fall back on familiar faces and to be some comfortable chatting away without a care. Of course, I met some of my ex-bosses. One in particular asked if i would consider coming back. I was rather surprised he even remembered me and actually came over to say hi to me. I was wrong about him. I've always thought he was snotty .....he even said that things have changed a lot for the better and so maybe I would want to come back.

If only i could have the ideal job with the ideal bunch. Had i stayed on, I guess i would have had a 2nd family there but with less money.

Nothing's perfect.

By the way, why weddings on Merdeka day? and...I've got another one to go to tomorrow! Sigh.

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