Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Thing

The one good thing
In my life
Has gone away
I dont know why
Shes gone away
I dont know where
Somewhere I cant follow her
The one good thing didnt stay too long
Woo who who who
My back was turned and she was gone
Hey hey hey- Fine Young Cannibal

We all tend to focus on the bad only. Been trying to coax people into believing into the program that we have, but people are so resistant to change and won't even hear me out. Sigh. It's worse then trying to get a dog to learn how to sit. It's so teruk that I can't even finish my sentence...unless i insist to. Before i could blab on the benefits, people immediately form a barrier, so i can't even let a word into their heads. A lot of times I wish I could say that I don't give a damn, you're throwing a pot of gold that's being sent to your doorstep. But here i'm supposed to be the messenger...the i gotta deliver it, even if it means tearing down the door!

It sucks...but well, it's a challenge. Try to see the good in everything and life is much easier.

1 comment:

Gallivanter said...

If this is door-to-door sales, I guess the public has been burned one too many times, or don't like to be bothered during lunch...

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